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About 911 Restoration of Naples

Tomas LelczukExperience counts for a lot in the home and commercial restoration business, and the amount of experience that Tomas Lelczuk has acquired over the years makes him a top player in the field.

911 Restoration Naples is not the first branch that Tomas has headed, he actually opened up our first franchise, so home and business owners can feel confident in the fact that when they hire his workers that they are getting a team that knows exactly what they are doing.

Tomas will make sure that all of his customers are getting the attention they need during a disaster remediation incident, and that they will be by their side every step of the way.

“We don’t sell people, we try to help people and give them a great fresh start experience when they need us the most.” This attitude is what makes Tomas such a trustworthy member of the 911 Restoration family.

Call us the moment you need capable hands on your water disaster and we will make sure you get the fresh start you need.

Water Damage Prevention Advice From The Pros

911 Restoration of Naples on the JobTomas has always been an avid supporter of implementing property maintenance, and he wants all of the home and business owners in the community to follow suit.

“Fixing small problems today means avoiding big problems tomorrow.” Tomas says. He understands that talk is cheap, which is why he provides tips that are easy to follow and will make a big difference.

Keeping the temperature inside your building or home regulated can keep condensation from forming, and putting your air conditioning at 78 degrees is the ideal temp.

This condensation level is referred to as the “dew point,” which is what occurs when the correct temperature and barometric pressure combine to turn water vapor into droplets.

Any stagnant water that is left to sit inside a home or business can turn spores into a mold infestation, and by preventing this, home and business owners can safe themselves time and money.

With so many years in the industry Tomas and his team has seen it all, from pipe bursts to fungal blooms. We have both the skills and the equipment needed to repair damage in both commercial and residential properties, so home and business owners alike can reach out to us anytime, so call us today!

Comprehensive Services That Deal With Water and Sewage Damage Alike

Hurricane Flood Cleanup CrewWater damage restoration is just one of the services that Tomas and his team provides to the community. We are trained to repair all types of home disasters, which can include mold, floods, and sewage backups.

When dealing with sewage Tomas wants homeowners to understand how important it is to keep away from the affected area. This type of water is referred to as black water, and it can contain toxins that are detrimental to the health of anyone who comes into contact with it.

When our water damage restoration techs arrive to clean up sewage, they will wear protective gear that will keep them safe in the face of the black water.

We will also use equipment that will make it possible to not only thoroughly sanitize the area, but leave your home or business smelling fresh. Tomas will also make sure to always fix the cause of the overflow that way we do our part to prevent future issues.

Call Tomas and his water damage restoration specialists today and he will go the extra mile to give you the fresh start you need.

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